Wednesday, February 20, 2019
A view across the vast Alqueva dam
 The vast expanse of water that is the lake at Alqueva
Huge bridges span the lake created by Alqueva

 It has some huge bridges to provide access across it,
great location features in the future no doubt!

Where it all begins, the Alqueva dam!
 Where it all begins the huge Alqueva dam complex!

I predict that this water will be the best water for carp, barbel, catfish, pike and black bass in Europe.

That may be a rather bold statement to make when this water is only a few years old, but consider a few facts:

  • This is the biggest man made water in Europe, 250 square kilometres in area, with a shoreline of in excess of 1200 kilometres, awesome.
  • The Orellana dam in Spain is on the same river and has the biggest carp and pike in Spain
  • Big Black Bass, over 7lbs are being caught in a water only 3 years old, they grow fast!
  • Big barbel over 20lbs seen in the river that feeds this dam
  • This water has been stocked with catfish from Spain
  • Pike over 20lbs have been taken from the river that is feeding the dam

With all these fish already in the river and no populating the dam and spawning, there is no need to do any stocking.

How long will it take to become the best?

The Black bass fishing is very good now

Big barbel from the feeder river will be feeding in the dam, returning to spawn in the river in April/may.

Carp to 10lbs were in the river already and 20lbs fish are only a few years away.

Catfish will take a little time to grow, remember that it took 30 years for them to grow to 200lbs in the river Ebro. On a water of this size it will take time to locate them too.
Take a look at the web site and the map of this huge water at the following link:
Update 2015: Zander over 20 lbs, Barbel over 30 lbs, Carp to 50 lbs reported from this dam last year


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