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Sailing around the Algarve coast
Mountain biking in the Alentejo
Mountain biking
Sampling the local food and wines
Food and wine

Town identity sign for SilvesWhether bringing along the whole family for a Summer or Winter break, or maybe taking a little bit of time away from the fishing, you will find a whole host of facilities to cater for every need. The following is list of a few of the activities on offer.


For those who do not particularly want exercise and prefer a more leisurely time when away from the pressure of work and home life, there are plenty of cafe's and bars, many with outside areas that offer shaded areas amongst assorted citrus trees.

The beaches vary from the small sheltered coves to broad endless stretches of sea washed sand. Equally the sea bed near to the beach can vary from a comfortable shallow shelf to a more sudden drop! In general, the rule is that as you travel from east to west along the coast, the beaches become more subject to seasonal currents.

Eating out is a superb experience with many local restaurants offer excellent fare at very reasonable prices. A good 3 course meal with wine, coffee and a brandy to seal the evening starts from around £10.00 pounds per head, a real bargain.
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Sightseeing and the Algarve heritage

Most of the town of Silves and nearly all its ancient buildings were destroyed by the earthquake of 1755. The remains of the castle date back to the Moors and there is an impressive underground water reservoir that is still used by the city today. It has the romantic name of "Cistern of the Enchanted Moorish Girl" and was said to be a principal factor in the fall of the town during its siege.The Museum Arqueológico has been constructed above the cistern and here a visitor will find exhibits of locally found objects included items from the Stone Age. As a reminder of the Romans occupation is the Ponte Romana, a fine strong bridge over the Rio Arade below the city walls, which was rebuilt from the original in the 15th Century.

The City's earlier 13th Century Cathedral was built on the site of a Mosque and has suffered considerable alteration over the centuries. To the south-west side of the town is a modern statue celebrating the siege of 1189 in an appropriately named square, Largo dos Mártires, where it is suggested that the defending Moors were buried. Just to the north-east of the city is a fascinating 16th Century granite cross that is located beside the road to the north. The countryside around Silves is the biggest orange growing area in Portugal and other neighbouring towns share in the economic benefits from this product. There has been a popular recent decision to site a new University in Silves to recreate its links with its past.

Popular sports and relaxationAngling, Bird watching, Canoeing, Day cruising, Horse riding, Mountain Bike riding, Sailing, Surfing, Top quality golf courses, Wind surfing, Water parks and amusement centres, Zoo marine parks, Walking.

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