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Although the fishing in the Algarve holds many special memories for me, like the 1st 100lb bag of carp and my first multiple catch of double figure carp, 5 fish to 17lbs, most of my fishing is now to the north of the Algarve!

The Algarve is an ideal base for a family holiday where you can get a few days freshwater fishing and possibly a days sea fishing after those big marlin and still spend time with the family and also get in a round of golf if you like.

We have some great accommodation next to a nice water on the Algarve.


Some really good carp can be found in the AlgarveCarp fishing in Portugal is not like you have in the UK or France, we only have one purpose built fishery where we know exactly what is in there.  Our waters have never been drained, as in France.  We have some idea what’s in them but because there size and very low numbers fishing our biggest fish have never been court on rod and line.  Some massive fish have never been reportedly taken using nets and spear guns.

Most of our fishing is in dams some over 100 years old, but most date from the 60 and 70s when there was a big building phase.  We have around 200 big dams, many over 1000 acres in area and all are virtually un-fished by English standards by carp anglers.  I would think that there are 20 anglers who would be considered serious carp anglers by English standards in all Portugal, this is topped up by a few English anglers coming out for one/two weeks each year and by a few Spanish anglers who pop over the border to fish.

Pleasure angling – I can take you to waters where I can guarantee 100lb bags everyday, of the hardest fighting carp you have ever caught and on sleeper rod you can catch bigger fish to near 20 lbs. 

Big carp, we fish different waters where the most of the fish are 20 + lbs with 50 + lb fish possible.  Even bigger fish are rumoured, one angler has been smashed up for fun 2 times on 35 lb line.

For bigger carp we have to fish waters with poor spawning conditions, typically steep sided dams or where there is a large predator population of Black bass, pike and lots of crayfish.

Angling magazines in Portugal report fish in excess of 70lbs, I have personally seen fish in excess of 50lbs.

Other species:

There are a number of smaller species but of no great angling merit but there are rumors of large fish on one river that could be Sturgeon, and we have vast shoals of mullet in all tidal rivers, harbours and marinas.

These are waters not like you are used to in England.  The Alqueva dam is around 450 ft deep with an area of 62000 acres.  Many other water we fish are 3000 + acres with limited access points so you need expert local help.


The Portuguese mainly spin for them using plugs, Rapala's and spinner baits. Anglers experienced in fly-fishing can take great catches on the fly; white flies are reported as good takers. Rubber baits imitating worms have been reported to take some large fish when trolled from a boat. Small live baits work well. The fish can grow to 10 lbs but the more normal size is more like 2 lbs, the Portuguese eat practically all the fish that they catch, I must admit they are rather nice on the barbecue.


Typical Algarve barbelCan be found in all the rivers and some dams. There are 5 different types of barbel, 4 grow to a 20lbs plus but the 5th, the Iberian Barbel, (barbus comizo) can grow to 40 lbs. They can be found in most rivers and a few dams, The big fish are elusive, but we have seen pictures of fish to 36lbs and a picture of an angler with two fish over 20lbs, one in each hand!


We have no record fish list in Portugal so cannot be sure just how large the fish can grow but see no reason not to expect fish over 40 lbs to be possible in our large dams full of Carp for the Pike to eat.
NB: There are very few pike to be found in the Southern region of Portugal!

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