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Carp fishing tips (Method rig)

Top method to get your bait on the right spotTo optimise the chances of catching a good number of carp on these waters a good supply of ground bait and attractors is needed to get and hold the attention of the roving and feeding carp.

Good beds of ground bait to my special formula and ample free offerings of the hook baits helps to generate a spell of frenzied feeding and then the accurate placement of bait and hook is critical. To achieve this the Method feeder is a distinctly useful part of the way to fish for these carp. Hook baits can be the same as any free offering within the ground bait or can be your boilies.

The make and style of the feeders is not to critical, what is important is that they provide a good frame to hold a good amount of ground bait and strong enough to with stand the rigours of casting and the stoney bottom of the lakes. Typical types to bring and use are the Middy frame feeder or the Korda Method feeder, both of which are of the better style to take the punishment. Richworth or Fox feeders are also useable.
The rig shown here is fairly straight forward in that the feeder could be anyone of the types suggested above.

Typical style method feeder from MiddyThe important elements other than the feeder itself are the reel line which needs to be at least 10lbs BS mono or braid, to withstand the casting.

The hook link can be the same as the reel line, 10lb BS mono or Braid or you can use any of the modern hook link material used in carp fishing, Snakeskin or the like.

Good strong hook patterns are important, the can be Fox Series 2, ESP Raptor's or Korda Wide Gape. Whilst barbless are preferable, barbed hooks can be used.

Anti tangle tubing and lead core leaders can both help with preventing tangle on the cast and with preventing line bites as the carp forage amongst the ground bait.

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