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Kevin with one of his 20lb carp taken on the Tightlines carp fishing trip"Hi John this is Kevin, many thanks for last weeks fishing trip, it was great and I will be back same time next year with 2 of my mates. As you know I did not have a great experience last year in Spain, fishing with 3 mates only 6 rods for 4 anglers, no feed of any kind, it was really just a taxi service not guiding, so I was VERY relieved to see all your gear in the big transit and gobsmacked when you had to pick up 40kgs boilies from the front seat to make room for me.

On arriving at the water is was a big boost to my confidence that 2 of your experienced (fishing next year in the world carp classic) mates were there fishing, obviously they would not be wasting their time on a poor water.

Just to let any other anglers now what kind of guide you are I would like to mention that you gave me all the runs on my rods and yours until I had a new pb at 26lbs I then increased this to 30lb 8oz then again to 31lb 8oz. I kept a record of all the fish of the week and the average size was a very respectable 21lbs+.

The gear i used from the Force 8 bivy to your 4 carp rods with Shimano bait runners was good and what about the food you supplied from the back of the van using your full cooker - proper meals like mum used to cook. Hope you or your mates break the Portugese carp record, its in this water - regards to Ian, Chris and Nigel who turned up over the week."


Some cracking fish are there to be caught in the Alentejo

This page provides an opportunity for Tightlines Portugal to establish that it offers a service that has and continues to meet its customers needs and aspirations of what we are all looking for when booking with an angling guide. These anglers put their faith in what we offered and booked their trips and enjoyed both the fishing and the hospitality we were able to provide. There are other such testimonials to be found in our TLP News pages, where we will be reporting on the trips this and future seasons.

Not everyone makes such statements about their trips, and we make no demands for them to do so, but those that do, perhaps appreciate the value to a business such as Tightlines Portugal. Some actually write full detailed reports, as will be seen in those by Steve Wozniak (he of Apple computer fame) and Stuart and his friends.

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If you have any questions or queries that may only be answered by asking them directly, feel free to drop me an email, use our Enquiries page or telephone me, and I will answer them readily.

John Bate

Fishing Magic competition winner John Sear's writes about his trip with Tightlines-Portugal

'We arrived at Faro airport mid-morning and were welcomed by John Bate, who runs the fishing holidays in Portugal. He's a cheery northerner who has lived in Portugal for the past 10 years. We were packed into his trusty pick-up and, for the 40 minute drive to Silves, were regaled with tales of hundreds of double-figure fish pulled from virtually unfished dams. The weather was a warm but breezy 18 degrees that I was informed was fairly normal for the time of year.'

Jeff Sear's

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Hi all

John with one of many carp taken on this tripMy name is John Howe, my friend Dave Ward & myself spent a full week's fishing with John Bate in Portugal 5th October - 14th October 2004.We were collected from the Airport and based ourselves in Alentejo, an old Copper Mining village and stayed in a typical Portuguese bed and breakfast accommodation with delightful aged lady Host, the rooms were simply furnished and clean with shared toilet and shower arrangements.

Each day we awoke at 6.30am and made our way to John's trusty vehicle and were taken to 2 different dams & a river the first day was on a dam were I caught 39 carp to 11/2 lbs and 65 on the second day on the 3rd day we went to a river location and I caught 11 Barbel, 3 Carp & a terrapin. days 4, 5 &6 on a dam with lots of features (reeds) the first day I got smashed up twice and blanked the second day Dave caught a personal best of 11 & then 161/2LbsI caught good carp but nowhere near that weight. the 6th day was 4 hour session John managed to fit in before we went back, showered and John then took us to the Airport, for our evening flight.

Throughout our stay we used a dustbin full of particle bait John had prepared, and numerous tins of sweetcorn & boilies which john had bought with him. We fished from dawn till dusk arriving back in Alentejo, very tired, having a shower and then eating in a local restaurant, which was good and inexpensive before getting back to base & falling asleep very quickly.

Oh did I mention John's Breakfasts cooked for you on the Bank, Egg, Bacon, Sausage Tomatoes, Beans, Mushrooms and Bread, a real blow-out to keep you going all day.

All in all an excellent supervised fishing trip Thank you John Bate. much appreciated.

Kind Regards

John Howe & Dave Ward

Hi again John.

A super common taken late in the dayThis is the second year I have gone fishing with John. Last year he suggested at the end of my visit that I should fish two consecutive days, so on arriving for my trip in 2004 this was my plan.

Day one was sunny, but the fish were not there in any quantity only one taken on a boilie and the other five taken on sweetcorn on the float rod. But as suggested by John I continued to feed during the whole day and then topped up the swim with an extra load of bait as we finally packed up for the day.

Day two, fishing the same swim, things could not have been so different, with a succession of small carp coming to the float rod and were there almost before the swim was fed for the first time that day. The fish started aout around the pound mark and as the day progressed the weights started to push to around the three to four pound mark.

The the larger carp moved in and on the float tackle it became a real tussle to land them, I had five fish over the 10lbs mark, including one that had moments earlier managed to break John’s line and had become entangled in mine, this fish must have been an expert in line tying for sure!

The Boilies did yeald 3 good fish, but the response was much slower than the particle approach using the float tackle. This was a hard days fishing where they never got tired of taking the bait, something you don’t find very often in England.

For 2005, well I think I shall be back in Portugal and take John’s last piece of advice and not just two consecutive days but stay overnight at this particular water and have a barbeque and se how the water fishes at night. If you intend coming to Portugal and want to go fishing, give John a try, he will do his utmost to put you where the fish are and serve up some wonderful bacon butties whilst he is doing it!

Regards Roy Wickenden.

I hired John last October for a days fishing at large, 3000 acre dam. This is a Dam I and my party have fished quite a few times, but under John's guidance three of us caught personal bests. We met John before daybreak and he took us to one of his out of the way swims, showing us his techniques and methods. The result of this was fish ranging from 13.5 to 17lb, five in total and loads of smaller fish.

There were ample cups of coffee and with John's relaxed approach it all made for a very enjoyable day.
See you later in the year!


John has been taking me and my friends fishing for 10 years.

We always have a great time and John does his best to find us new 'secret', out of the way fishing spots, we all recommend him and his services to you!

Norwich England

I have known John for 11 years, he loves to show people how to catch carp, nothing is too much trouble for him.
Thanks to John we are now catching carp in Holland, which before we had found uncatchable.

We have also been sea fishing with John, where he showed us how to catch sharks.


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