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The pleasure of eating out in the open on a warm Algarve eveningFamily camping can be fun for allWe have permission to camp on a large private estate in a nature reserve on the Algarve that offers the best fishing. We can also camp on a small water that holds the Portuguese Carp record. We have been camping there for 10 years with no problems.

Every summer in my younger years I spent many weeks camping in Ireland, we did have the occasional spell of good weather but nothing like the camping paradise we have here in Portugal. From the start of the season in may to at least the end of September we have glorious weather. I camp / fish all winter and even in January we can often have several hours each day with temperatures approaching 20ºC. For anyone who likes the sound of this I can customize a camping trip to suit you. It would be of special interest to younger anglers who do not have a driving licence or anglers who wish to spend the maximum time fishing with no long drives.

Imagine the scene long warm days followed by equally gorgeous evenings that cry out to you to celebrate them with fine food, locally fresh caught bass and sardine, barbecued with friends or family on the shores of some beautiful lakes in the hills, all to be washed down with some excellent local wines. mmm makes my mouth water!

How do you get to enjoy all of this, you come camping with me and Tightlines Portugal, that's how.

A nice fish for this young camperBasic Package


  • Pick you up from the airport (faro).
  • Take you to a supermarket for your food / drinks etc.
  • Take you to a secret fishing venue.
  • Supply your angling permits.
  • Supply our own secret blend of particle feeds and bait
  • I will fish with you for the week and show you the ropes, no problem with junior or less experienced anglers, I am happy to show people how to catch, right down to basic knots.
  • At the end of the week I take you back to the airport (Faro) or if you are staying longer take you for fresh food and could even take you to a new venue.


£500.00 Single person, per week

£800.00 For 2 persons, per week

£1000.00 For 3 persons, per week

If you would like to get to enjoy some secluded fishing in Portugal? Book a trip with us now using our online Reservation page!

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