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I  regularly receive a lot of basic information requests from visitor's who are looking to come out to the Algarve in Portugal, either on a holiday they have booked themselves and who may fancy a little light relief from the family and beach by getting out on a days fishing, sea or coarse. Some are looking at the packages I offer and cannot find some quick answers to their questions, so I hope that below you can all find a few of the immediate answers you may need.In November 2017 the fishing rules were changed 40 pages of rules I include my best understanding of these complicated laws.
If you don't find them here, then feel free to contact me and ask those questions directly to me and I'll try and give you the answers by return.. Use our Enquiry form here or send and email.

Q - How do we pay for a holiday or a day trip or licences etc?

A - We do not normally ask for a deposit, you pay in cash in Portugal. For the DIY licence/map package you pay via PayPal.

Q - What happens if we have paid to go sea fishing and the weather is to bad?

A - We will refund the cost of the boat and offer alternative fishing-unlike other boats we do not take your money/ go out when rough then when you ask to come home offer no refund.

Q - Do I need fishing permit ?

A - Yes for sea as well as freshwater - We can arrange these - VERY difficult toobtain for non Portuguese residents - you need Portuguese bank card to obtain one.   From 2019 there are new rules for freshwater permits

Q - How many rods can i use?

A - Two rods per angler and not as some advise, two rods per license. NB: From 2018 we can use 3 rods when 'Carp Fishing'

Q - Can we night fish?

A - YES- Officially night fishing is only allowed in organized 72 hr carp fishing competitions and on a few of the large dams the Roxo is the closest to the Algarve and we understand it is allowed on small private waters with the owners consent - night fishing is allowed for sea fishing and we understand, in tidal sections of rivers.

Q - Can we camp?

A - Yes there are good organized camp sites on most of our big dams - in other areas we have had no problems camping, but we ask the land owner and obviously keep the area clean and leave no rubbish, when we have been visited by the GNR (POLICE) they are most concerned that we leave no rubbish and light no fires as in Summer there is great danger of forest fires.

Q - Can we fish all year?

A - Yes - there is a closed season for  barbel mid March till mid June, but this just means that when you catch fish which have a closed season you must release them immediately, you cannot keep them in nets or take them to eat. There is no closed season for pike, zander, catfish and from 2018 we understand carp

Q - What is the weather like?

A - Basically its great - no rain mid May till October - Winter temps are often 16c to 18c, so water temp stays above the magic 10c for carp most Winters.

Q - Can we catch Marlin?

A - Yes - mid august till 1st week october-water temp needs to be above 22c

Q - Can we catch sharks?

A - Yes all year, but best times April to end october

Q - Do we need to hire a car to fish with you?

A - No my holidays are fully escorted airport to accommodation and return.

Q - Do i need to bring out any gear?

A - No - unlike most other angling companies we supply everything from quality rods and alarms to fishfinders which are VITAL on our big waters. We even have our own big game shark rods and 12/0 reels. I have spent £20,000 on quality fishing tackle which you are welcome to use when fishing with me. So there's no reason to risk losing your gear or having it broken on the plane.

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