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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Many varieties of shark can be caught of the Algarve coastA book could easily be written about the sea fishing of the Algarve, old anglers recall the time when they could walk down to their local beach or cliff, fish for two hours and come home with sufficient fish to feed the family for a week.

These times are unfortunately long past but we can still get good runs of fish at certain times of the year. It is said that some 200 different species of fish can be taken from Portuguese waters these range from 1000lb Marlin down to Mullet. Even when the fishing is less than spectacular the scenery and weather can make up for it.

Price guide from 2018

Boat fishing € 400 for 1 or 2 anglers
                      €430   for 3 or 4 anglers
                      €75 each after that max fishing 7
Note this is for a full days fishing 7am to 4pm sharks and mixed fishing

Boat fishing- individuals bottom fishing weekends only €60 each per day normally around 6am to 4pm

Marlin White €1,000 only when they are about normally September

Marlin Blue August to September by special arrangement going 45 miles out with the world champions €1,800

Tuna €500 per day


Update 12/7/2017 - as of July 12th the Marlin have arrived... 3 whites taken on the 12th and on the 13th a big blue Marlin... the Mako sharks and giant tuna over 500lb are here as well, so its looking like its going to be a fantastic summers fishing...if you fancy getting amongst some of this action then contact me today!


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Sea Fishing 3 day break or Full Week.....more details

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We are able to provide charter boat hire for normal coastal bottom and lure fishing for at a cost of 40 euro's per person per trip.

Game Fishing

We have some of the greatest game fishing in the World off the Algarve coast and offer you the opportunity to experience this with our charter boat skipper who has been very successful in tracking down the various species available off this fabulous coast. Marlin, blue and white, tuna, a wide variety of sharks and much more. See the gallery below for more detail.

Sea Fishing Gallery

Cliff Fishing

On the weekend you can find people perched on the top of 200ft. Cliffs even on ropes half way down the cliff. They catch a variety of fish including many types of Bream, Bass, Mackerel, Garfish, Mullet etc. Best baits are Sardine, prawns and worms. A piece of fresh Mackerel with the blood oozing out is good for many species. Main problem in this fishing is lifting large fish up the cliff and a variety of lift net is usually employed
Beach fishing, there are miles of beaches that can offer some nice fishing, especially for bass. Bass to near 20lb are reported but more normal is 3 or 4lb.

Harbour Fishing

Quality Corvina

There are many long breakwaters protecting the harbours and marinas these offer good fishing for many species in all sea conditions.

Boats, there are a number of charter boats available, some are excellently run, catering for experienced big game anglers, others are frankly only suitable for people looking for a trip out to sea for a few beers and possibly a few fish. At certain times of the year when the water temperature is high we get a run of Marlin, both Blue and White, there are yearly competitions run from Vilamoura marina and Tavira.

Charter boats can be booked through us for shark fishing at a cost of 70 euro's per person per trip.

Reliable shark fishing is available in many areas, mainly Blue sharks but a few Mako and even reports of Hammerhead sharks a few years ago. I have one report of a giant great White shark taken in a net, so anything is possible.

General bottom fishing can be good fun with a colourful variety of fish landed, the normal run of fish only go to about 2 lb. but are nice to eat. Occasionally large fish are taken, the most likely would be Corvina (MEAGRE) which can reach 100lbs

We are able to offer a Complete Sea Fishing Package providing organised beach and shore fishing, with a days coastal boat bait and lure fishing included.

Optionally we can arrange to show you top shore marks and supply maps for you to explore the area yourself.

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