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Stuart, Rob, Jay celebrate one of the sharks they caughtEarlier this year two friends and I decided on a long weekend break to escape the gloomy April showers, but not just any break, we wanted something a little active, something with an edge. Unanimously we decided on a shark-fishing trip.

We searched through various websites, but there is always a degree of hesitation when dealing with individuals or organisations that come with no personal recommendation. What would we get for our money, if anything at all? We have all heard the stories before, and that always sticks in the back of your mind when parting with hard earned cash. Tight-Lines read well, but could it deliver? We made contact with John Bate who promptly replied offering various bespoke packages to suit our needs. We very soon felt very confident John was our man and left the rest to him.

We arrived at Faro airport on Friday 22nd April 2005 for a four day break on the Algarve, the shark fishing was scheduled for the Saturday and Sunday, giving us time to settle in and prepare for the challenge ahead. John was there to meet us and we immediately set off for the 40-minute transfer in his trusty pick-up to the historic town of Silves.

Our accommodation was at the Colina Hotel Resort; we were settled in our apartment by midday and enjoyed the far-reaching view from the balcony to the elevated focal point of Silves, the Castle. John provided a guided tour of the town and recommended the places to eat and drink. Joining us for lunch he briefed us on the game plan for the weekend.

Many differnt species of shark can be caught off the Algarve coastNext day, we arrived at Portimao harbour for the first of our shark trips, and as you would expect the adrenalin was already pumping with the thoughts of what was in store for us. Scenes from the film Jaws came to mind along with the famous words, ‘We’re gonna need a bigger boat’. John chartered the ‘Nitucha’, a well maintained 15m trawler with an experienced crew, a big sigh of relief, the boat was big enough and we were in capable hands.

We set out and reached some 8 miles from the coved shoreline of Portimao, the engine was cut and an eerie silence fell upon us as we began the 6-mile drift in search of the ultimate predator. This was our moment.

Through the course of the day several species of bottom fish were caught, including Mackerel and Grouper. As the day began to disappear, only the echoes of the westerly wind forcing the Atlantic Ocean against our hull could be heard, then suddenly, the click of John’s multiplier began to scream, a positive bite well hit and battle commenced. The crew and others on board came to life with the immediate kick of adrenalin, after some time the beast was landed, subsequently tagged and released to fight another day. Though not before several camera shutters went into overtime to capture the moment Here it was before us, the sight we wished for many months earlier, an immaculate Blue shark. This predator exceeded 2m in length and topped 60 kilo’s on the scales. The hours of inhaling the stench of chumming (or rubby dubby), as the locals prefer to call it, had finally paid off

By the second outing we understood the drill, we headed out 8 miles to a depth of 52m, immediately rigged and baited up and commenced our drift. Several bottom feeding rigs were set up for some lighter fishing which proved successful as we landed many Atlantic Mackerel, colourful Grouper fish and the small but poisonous Weaver fish with quite a reputation! Towards the end of the day bait was taken on one of the heavy rods, as line stripped from the spool the tension bent the rod double, then went slack, unfortunately the line was bitten. Still you can’t win them all, but we will certainly get some mileage from the old fisherman’s adage, ‘the one that got away’. A well-earned coffee and Brandy back on shore, a real favourite of John’s, rounded off each day.

Our final night was a stay in the neighbouring resort of Carvoeiro, our spacious apartment was in the exclusive Colina Do Lapa complex and again we enjoyed a fabulous outlook. John went out of his way to provide the usual guided tour and the weekend was finished off with an excellent meal and one too many pints of Sagres.

We were sad to leave behind the last few days, a few days that had given us some good laughs along the way not to mention the 60 kilo Blue. The whole weekend was well organised and gave us the chance to get away from the stresses and strains of home life.

As for John, well fishing has become his life over the years and he is keen to share his wealth of experience and knowledge to those wishing to chase a dream. In our opinion John is a genuine and passionate individual who is sure to keep you informed and entertained. The ‘personal touch’ he adopts is a real credit to him, something of a rarity in this day and age.

We have no hesitation in recommending John for freshwater or sea fishing, he knows the game he probably invented it!

Though the Blue’s and the Mako’s escaped us three on this occasion, there will be a next time,

So until the next time

Rob, Stuart and Jay

Essex, England

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