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Update 12/7/2016 - as of July 12th the Marlin have arrived... 3 whites taken on the 12th and on the 13th a big blue Marlin... the Mako sharks and giant tuna over 500lb are here as well, so its looking like its going to be a fantastic summers fishing...if you fancy getting amongst some of this action then contact me today!


White and blue marlin have just arrived on the Algarve to the east of Faro big blue lost estimated at +500lbs

Lots of sharks around with up to 15 fish safely returned on 1 trip last week!


If you are out here in the Algarve or might be coming out and fancy some of this Game Fish action with the Marlin or Sharks get in touch and see what is available and get yourselves booked for a trip asap!    


We, here at Tightlines Portugal are very excited regarding our prospects for this summers marlin fishing.

Water temperatures are already at 22°C and the marlin are expected to come into the area soon!

The picture is of the boat we are using this summer, skippered by the 2 times World marlin champion.

The giant tuna have turned up this week and fish to 500kgs have been taken in a fish trap which is now closed, as they had there yearly quota in only 4 days.

Lots of blue sharks around and expecting makos soon.


If you are out here in the Algarve or might be coming out and fancy some of this action fishing for any or all of these species get in touch and see what is available and can be booked    Contact Us here

Our gamefishing skipper reports that there are still plenty of White Marlin around and as we will report shortly, the Mako sharks are here in large numbers along with the Swordfish off the Algarve coast!

Latest News Flash

" Hi John

Just to report I was out on a friends boat from Lagos yesterday fishing the inner drop off (130m-200m) of the Canyon from 7am and we caught and released 2 white marlin, lost 3 in combat and caught 4 decent Skipjacks at around 3kg. I changed then to large Blue Marlin lures and went into the deep Canyon and we raised a large Blue onto the spread but didn't hook up!

All in all an excellent days fishing and still the Marlin are here in good numbers! We are planning an all night trip for Swords in same area in next week or 2 once we get perfect conditions as if the Makos are hunting the Swordfish and they are here as you've seen in big numbers! "

Kind Regards

If you are out here in the Algarve or might be coming out and fancy some of this action fishing for any or all of these species get in touch and see what is available and can be booked    Contact Us here

Latest News Flash

The White Marlin fishing off the Algarve in Portugal this Summer is the best in the world with a lot of big fish and large numbers showing off this Marlin fishing haven.

Local people with 40 years experience report never seeing anything like it. In the last week in just 2 days fishing one boat reported getting 200 hits from white marlin, with another boat has had in one day, 50 hits, with 27 fish landed.

Big blue marlin have taken some lures but have been lost on light tackle.

If you are a game angler and want to fish for and catch Marlin, this is the place in the world to be right now!

Want to get in on some of this Marlin action?

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shark-trophyJust home from good trip with client using new boat skippered by very experienced international big game angler, great boat and fantastic quality gear.

After a few hours on the drift we all saw a good fish swirl around the floats! The skipper and I just looked at each other and said thats a b!!!!! big one! This fish then followed the rubby dubby trail to the boat and swam around the boat, the skipper quickly pulled in the nearest rod and dropped the bait in front of the shark, to our surprise, after a few seconds the shark took the bait and battle commenced.

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