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28lb-carp-july-2011 on Tightlines tripContinuing to get out myself and with customers, and still exploring the fishing in the south of Portugal for both good pleasure fishing and in search of big carp and barbel.

The best carp water is getting harder, but fish are getting bigger with an average size of 25lbs, with a potential  new Portuguese record lost a few times. Some have started to up-rate their gear to 4lb test and 35lb braid in effort to reduce potential losses and bank this fish. The attached picture was fish from last Sunday (31st Aug) at 28lb 7oz, which was followed on Monday with 23lb fish for local anglerC hris from Lagos on the Algarve.

We have been out exploring my favorite river looking for the big barbel that inhabit it and we were pleased to be joined by experienced London specimen hunter who has fished with Bob James and Trevor West. Keep an eye on the Tightlines site for more updates as we have a lot more trips booked this year into October.

A special note to avoid disappointment, please if you plan to come out and find your own fishing (which can be very difficult) DO GET A FISHING PERMIT BEFORE FISHING, a visiting holidaying angler last week was fined 200 euro's and had all of his gear confiscated when he was caught fishing without one! So be warned!

For more guidance on permits take a look at our DIY info page.


As a provider of both coarse and sea fishing trips and holidays in the Algarve, here in Southern Portugal, its always been my goal to provide access to some quality fishing experiences for my customers.

It may just be a days coarse fishing for a party of one or more anglers whilst out here on a family holiday, a dedicated 3 or 7 day fishing break for one or more anglers, either coarse fishing, specimen carp fishing or for shark or marlin in the warm waters of the Algarve coast. Either way its going to be important that they all get a quality experience and the venues and locations I take them provide the expected results, plenty of fish. In many cases their expectations are exceeded, both in terms of catches and in locations of the fisheries, many being remote, exclusive and with very beautiful scenery.


To meet these expectations, both for my own satisfaction and the satisfaction of my customers I strive to find and open up opportunities each season to fish new venues. This year has been no different, I have already brought new venues to the list and continue between commitments to seek out more, so that I can always have a water available to meet the customers need and expectations in most situations.

I have been working hard to track down the comizo barbel that we have in the Algarve, whose weights can exceed 40lb, and have located a stretch of river where these have been caught by local anglers to 20lb in the recent past and have seen their pictures to support the reports. Having located this stretch I have been busy creating access and will be fishing this over the coming weeks and months. Early trips have provided good bags of comizo's to 9lb and river carp to 18lb, both excellent sport whilst seeking out the big barbel.

I'll be fishing this venue on my own and with customers over the Summer and I'll report on what develops as it happens. The pics above are a recent trip with a customer who had a mixed bag of carp and barbel in excess of 50lbs in a short day trip.

If you fancy a day trip whilst on holiday here in the Algarve or want a dedicated 3 or 7 day sea fishing or carp fishing holiday, check out our trips here.

Look forward to taking you fishing sometime soon.


A new venue and some excellent fishing close to the hotelGiven that 2010 has been a mixed bag for many holiday businesses due to the financial crisis affecting the whole worldwide economy, we have fared reasonably well with some of our regular guests continuing to come out for a break. Some making shorter trips than in the past, but they came all the same and we have been grateful for the their continued patronage.

Never one to sit back and sulk, I chose to use the additional free time to continue my quest for good fishing here in the Algarve and between business commitments managed to seek out and find some new venues for the 2011 season, river fishing for Comizo barbel and large mullet and carp fishing that is full of good carp and close to the base hotel.

The smile on my face probably says a lot about how I feel about this new pleasure fishing venue! The mixed fishing on this dam near our accommodation is very good with big bags and good numbers of doubles mixed in, we watched a fish estimated at 30lbs feeding one day, so we expect big fish next year.

Not just carp fishing venues, but also river fishing venues that will give guests a variety of options during their trips.

The focus has also been on getting new good quality base accommodation that is close to the new venues and again we have come up with some that will provide short distances between hotel and fishery, ensuring that fishing time is optimised. One is just a few minutes from the hotel.

You can find out more about this by looking at the Escorted fishing page.

All the regular venues and packages continue to be offered at their existing rates and we look to offer new and old visitor's some great fishing in great locations across the Algarve in 2011


A nice barbel from a new river venue!Just back from a very enjoyable trip, guiding a customer over for a weeks fishing here in the Algarve. He was delighted with his trip and I have to say I was delighted too as it provided a new venue for the future!.

A regular visitor who is interested in all forms of angling, so during this trip we ventured on to a new river venue to search for a few barbel, and were not disappointed taking some very nice fish, with a bonus 8lb mullet!

The venue will receive a little more attention over the coming months as i seek out the bigger barbel we have here in Portugal, them 'comizo' which run to over 20 kilo in weight.

The barbel on this river go to 20lbs, our other river has even bigger barbel best I have records of was 37lbs taken on a live bait ( stone loach). This year an English angler took a fish of 22lbs.

If you are interested in coming out to Portugal and fishing for our native barbel get in touch and find out more about the fishing and the accommodation we have on offer here in the Algarve.

Kevin with his first 30lb fish on this Tightlines-Portugal carp tripJust back from one of my most enjoyable trips, guiding a customer over for a weeks carp fishing here in the Algarve. To say he was delighted with his trip might be a bit of an understatement, to say I was delighted would not do my feelings justice either!.

Weather turned a little inclement for a couple of days, but it didn't stop the fast growing Portuguese carp from feeding hard on most days. Lost count of the amount of action, but my customer, Kevin summarise's the fishing in his email he sent me on his return to the UK. You can read this below:

"Hi John this is Kevin, many thanks for last weeks fishing trip, it was great and I will be back same time next year with 2 of my mates. As you know I did not have a great experience last year in Spain, fishing with 3 mates only 6 rods for 4 anglers, no feed of any kind, it was really just a taxi service not guiding, so I was VERY relieved to see all your gear in the big transit and gobsmacked when you had to pick up 40kgs boilies from the front seat to make room for me.

On arriving at the water is was a big boost to my confidence that 2 of your experienced (fishing next year in the world carp classic) mates were there fishing, obviously they would not be wasting their time on a poor water.

Just to let any other anglers now what kind of guide you are I would like to mention that you gave me all the runs on my rods and yours until I had a new pb at 26lbs I then increased this to 30lb 8oz then again to 31lb 8oz. I kept a record of all the fish of the week and the average size was a very respectable 21lbs+.

The gear i used from the Force 8 bivvy to your 4 carp rods with Shimano bait runners was good and what about the food you supplied from the back of the van using your full cooker - proper meals like mum used to cook. Hope you or your mates break the Portuguese carp record, its in this water - regards to Ian, Chris and Nigel who turned up over the week."


With the current winter rates available on the Budget Airlines, now is the time to come on out to Portugal, fares as low as £15.00 each way available on one or two, there are odd flights at no cost, but other charges may make a difference. Its cheaper to fly out here than drive to some of the UK venues, and blank. Here at the moment the fishing looks set to follow last years trend and we may see some huge fish in equally huge numbers.

If you fancy a carp fishing trip this winter with a chance of some super fishing, get in touch using the site Contact page, look forward to talking to you about what's on offer.


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