Wednesday, February 20, 2019

John with the 25lb fish from this Tightlines-Portugal tripEvery year I try to get away for a week on my own exploring, looking for new places to take my fishing clients - this is a report of this years search. 1st stop was a water that I looked at 15 years ago, but did not have time to fish.

Have reports of some nice common carp coming out with pictures on u tube. Spent 40 hours on the water, but no good fish just lots of small wild carp, good pleasure fishing, but not what I was looking for, so I moved onto the next place on my list, stopping of on the way for a great meal at a local restaurant for only 10 pounds.

This next spot is on a river where I put 2 clients last year, one reported being smashed up on 15lb line and a carp rod and that should have warned me what to expect. 1st session late afternoon and I landed 5 barbel to 6lbs, but was smashed 2 times on 12lb line-next morning fished double chick peas on 25lb line, hooked a big fish which kited across the river and cut me off on a big rock! Barbel over 20lbs have come from this river, so I have to get my thinking cap on for my next visit - need some very abrasion resistant line to start with - no sign of any other people ever fishing this lovely spot.

I then went to look at a place that I had been told about that has big carp to 40lbs. but found that the farmer had fenced the area off, this was a bummer as I had planed to spend a week there, so plan B was needed, I always have a plan B and normally a plan C as well, as we do not always know what we are going to find. So for the last week I moved onto a water we have had some nice fish from over the last year, this would be my 1st proper session on the water.

On arrival found 3 local English lads in the best 2 swims they were going the next day so I just fished another swim. I had one run which I missed then moved into my favorite swim. These other lads had all had fish over 20 lbs in there 2 day trip. 1st day was quiet I had one fish at 23lbs from under my rod tip that I had seen feeding.  After this I had 4 or 5 fish most days, smallest around 10lbs most around 18lbs, best just over 25lbs. Over this next week 2 other English lads turned up for short sessions they both had nice fish, best 28lbs and lost a big one that cut him off and he was on 45 lb lead core rig. Fish to 43lbs have come out, with sightings of what they call the big one which has never been landed, so there are a few target fish to be fished for over the coming weeks and months.

I'll keep you all posted on progress!


You can see some of the fish from this weeks fishing in the Big Carp Gallery, follow this link to view them!

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