Monday, December 17, 2018

nice carp from the lake in portugalI have just returned from 6 day fishing trip with clients from Israel.  They tell me that living in israel there is no freshwater fishing and that this trip this was a real change for them. After exchanging many e mails and talks on the phone i put this tailor made trip together just for them. They were not interested in camping  hoping for a few big fish, they requested action with lots of fish and as much variety as possible with good accommodation and good food.

Day 1: We stopped off for a few hours on the way from the airport to their accommodation, at secret spot on my favorite river and  here I showed Ivan and Michael how to fish this swim (they are very much beginners). Using float tackle they had lots of barbel out from under a bush on the float and a few from mid river on method feeder. They had never caught barbel before and not seen a method feeder so everything was new to them. We finished early so I could show them the lake we would be fishing and we could go and feed main fishing area for the week. This a large big dam - we put 20 litres of prepared particle feed in and 5 kgs boilies, then headed off to book into the hotel and took them to my favorite restaurant, where they had a nice meal at a price with drinks they could not believe!

Day 2: The main fishery is a dam which is only 15 minute drive from hotel, so we can have breakfast at 7am and be fishing for 8 am.  Collected ice from petrol station to keep the beer and water cold, (very important with summer trips). Spent 2 hrs showing the lads what was for them, totally new types of fishing gear and carp rigs. We started fishing around 10am rigged the lads up with sliding floats and method feeders whilst I set up the carp rods. No runs on the carp rods on this day, but the lads had some good fun catching carp to 8lbs on the float. I tell everyone that the 1st day is normally slow, we need to feed. Put in another 20 liters particles and more boilies (we did this every day) just before leaving.

sept2011-02Day 3: Had the carp rods out by 8am and the runs started at 8.05am, had lots of fish from 7 to 12 lbs and one at 17lbs - lost a very big fish (you must take your time with our big fish they are VERY powerful - Andy Little has been over and rates our carp as the hardest fighting carp in the world)


sept2011-05Day 4: Fishing getting better each day lots more fish to low doubles on the feeder and fish to 18lbs on the carp rods-lads had barbel and a strange goldfish on the float rod.

Day 5: Lots more fish into low doubles and lost another really big fish (looks like I'm going to have to upgrade BS and toughen up on the rigs on next trip on the carp rods) we heard on the grape vine that a fish over 30lb came out last week and there is always a possibility of a giant comizo barbel that go to over 40lbs.

Last day: No runs on carp rods in the early morning, but lads were doing well on the float - I left to go tothe supermarket for lads lunch and whilst I was away they had 2 runs, one low double and another big fish lost! I re rigged the carp rods for long range and had a lot of fish on single baits 8lbs to 12lbs to bring the trip to a close.

Ivan and Michael had great pleasure fishing on the feeder/float with lots of hard fighting fish into low doubles and many bigger fish lost-on the carp rod which was a little disappointing, but with lots of double to 18lbs with a real chance of something really big coming to the net, they are looking forward to a trip in the future to do battle with out leviathans! The re is also the possible giant barbel putting in an appearance as well. Overall really good mixed fishing as we had common carp, lots of cruican carp, barbel, large gold fish and even a lonely shad!

Roll on the next trip boys!


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