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One of the beautiful mirrors that can be found in this venueSeptember 2011 - went on a fully escorted trip with John fishing dams in the Alentejo region of Portugal, staying on a B&B basis in a small friendly town that couldn't speak a word of English - all you need to know is Cerveja pronounced cervaisa (beer), Toasta Mista (Mixed Toasted Sandwich) for breakfast and the best meal Porco Preto (Black Pig). 

John picked me up outside Faro airport in his minibus and arranged my fishing licence.  The town had a large supermarket, several cheap restaurants with good food and drink, and a number of cafe/bars, several of which were open to the early hours (including one opposite the hotel).  The accommodation was top notch for such a small town and right in the centre.


Despite the hangovers, John woke me up early each morning for 7am breakfast in a local cafe, and he then drove off to local hard waters which hold large carp with the majority being 20s. The weather was hot and occasionally windy for the week, and sun lotion was a must. 

John can supply all the tackle and bait, however I preferred to take my own in a golf bag (my luggage, fishing gear and 18kg of bait totalled 55kg).  The fishing was difficult, and John had to keep brewing me coffee and tea to keep me awake following my self-inflicted nocturnal activities.  However, I still managed to catch 4 reasonable size carp and a number of smaller ones over several days.  This was a result given that other anglers were also struggling at that time.

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John and myself amused ourselves during the slack periods watching a number of 20s and 30s basking in the sun close to the dam wall.  We also managed to get some fishing in on the way back to the airport in an enormous dam, and John was able to catch a 4lb barbel.  Overall, this was a cracking trip and John was good company and in 'optimistic' spirits all the time.  Highlight of the trip was catching the larger carp and a visit at the dam from the local English-speaking mayor who was keen to promote his town and the quality of the angling.

This is just one of the trips that John is able to arrange - John is aware of a number of super-sized dams in the region which will produce exceptional sized carp and barbel in the not so distance future (several of which I have successfully fished with John on previous visits to Portugal).

Thanks for another entertaining and fruitful trip, Terry.

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