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Angling has been my passion since childhood. My early years were spent fishing the small ponds in Lancashire. Then from 16 – 37 years old I organised annual summer fishing expeditions to Ireland, finding many places which are now famous. I took my mates sea fishing in my 24 ft boat from Fleetwood, catching tope, cod etc. I lost interest in fishing in Ireland and England – to predictable for me and started fishing in Spain and Portugal. Fell in love with Portugal and moved out over 27 years ago.

For more than 27 years I have explored the fishing in the south of Portugal - 70 different waters from which I managed to catch over 4,000 carp over 10lbs. Most waters are only capable of producing fish to around 18lbs. There are only a few waters that regularly produce fish of 20lbs plus. On my best water we catch 25lb plus fish nearly every day with the odd fish in excess of 45lb. For now I have just about finished my exploring in Portugal, just one water yet to fish, which I have reports of pike, zander, cats and BIG carp being caught.

I like sea fishing and have one great skipper with a nice boat that I use regularly. We specialize in shark fishing and jigging for Snappers. From this year we are going to target Swordfish. We may accidentally catch some giant Blue Fin Tuna.

For most of my time here in Portugal I have been taking people fishing as a guide - catering all levels of experience from complete beginners to two First Division national winners to well known international carp anglers, very experience international big game anglers like Steve Wozniak of IGFA-fame – the only angler to have caught one thousand species of fish and the holder of 12 IGFA records as well as Gary Spencer who has landed 24 different species of fish over 100lb. I have good safe fishing available for all, including children.

I am out fishing four days a week. When I go Marlin fishing, I go with my friend Chris Brand who is a two times world Marlin fishing champion – 2006 and 2010. When I am fishing for big Carp, I am fishing with friends who have broken the Portuguese Carp record (my turn next!!)

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