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The fish in the Alentejo just keep getting biggerThis website is all about giving people honest information about fishing options in Portugal. It is not about making money, we just live for fishing. So, what can you hope to catch in Portugal?

Monster Bluefin Tuna. Only in June and July. Our record is 1,050lbs. All fish accidentally caught must be released in the water.

Monster Blue Marlin. Can come mid-July, but normally August till the end of September. Most are over 500lbs. Our record is 1,400lbs

Big White Marlin. Same time as the Blues. My mates have had as many as 17 in a day. Can weigh over 100lbs.

Giant Mako Sharks. I have a photo of one over 1,000lbs which is as big as they get! Last year’s best was 450lbs, but we’ve had nine in one day.

Blue Sharks. We have great Blue Shark fishing here. We have personally had as many as 19 in a day, two of which were estimated at 200lbs on a single trip. The best picture I have seen was a 450lb!

Hammerhead Sharks. We have clearly seen them 12ft long when Marlin fishing!

Great White Sharks. Great Whites have been taken in nets as recently as last year. My mate had one circle the boat six times having a good look at them whilst Marlin fishing.

Bottom Fish. We have very nice mixed bottom fishing. The most interesting would be Red Snappers which we catch jigging or on live bait. The best we have had is 17kg.

Swordfish. We have giant Swordfish in the deep water of Portimão. This is pioneer fishing, but my mates have had a few at night.

1. Short tourist trips - you need eight hours to have best chance.
2. Boats that take more than six anglers big game or shark fishing - some take up to 20!
3. Any companies that take people out to see the caves or dolphins. They are not interested in serious anglers - in fact they call us fanatics.
4. Any boats that show pictures of dead Marlin and Sharks hanging up – they’re probably taken years ago.
5. Any boats that offer to take you big game fishing out of the normal season - many will.
6. Check their gear – half-full reels, rusty hooks, missing eyes on rods… I have seen it all!

We have some of the best Barbel fishing in  Portugal - southern Barbel which can go to 21lbs!
We have some nice Carp fishing, with a few fish to over 30lbs.
We have some nice runs waters for carp. Mainly mid doubles and low 20s. My mate had 24 one day, my best is 19. We have the fishing rights to the best private runs water in Portugal at Arge near Portimão on the Algarve.
Very nice pleasure fishing - I have had many mixed bags of over 300lbs in a day of Carp and Barbel.
Nice Blackbass fishing - we have had over 100 in a day from my boat on my private water. They go to 12lbs - but the big fish are clever!!!

Big Zander to over 20lbs, mainly on the Alqueva Dam.
Pike and Catfish - a few nice fish mainly in the river Tejo and the Alqueva Dam.
Trout - a few in the rivers and dams in the north of Portugal. I’ve not seen pictures of any monsters, but a few nice fish. You need a special permit for some waters.
Big Comizo Barbel are possible – up to 40lbs.
Some nice Carp, a few waters have them to around – and just over – 50lbs. For now that’s it, but a few fish in special waters are getting bigger (because I’m feeding them!).

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