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One of the beautiful mirrors that can be found in this venueSeptember 2011 - went on a fully escorted trip with John fishing dams in the Alentejo region of Portugal, staying on a B&B basis in a small friendly town that couldn't speak a word of English - all you need to know is Cerveja pronounced cervaisa (beer), Toasta Mista (Mixed Toasted Sandwich) for breakfast and the best meal Porco Preto (Black Pig). 

John picked me up outside Faro airport in his minibus and arranged my fishing licence.  The town had a large supermarket, several cheap restaurants with good food and drink, and a number of cafe/bars, several of which were open to the early hours (including one opposite the hotel).  The accommodation was top notch for such a small town and right in the centre.

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new-record-41-carp on a Tightlines-Portugal day tripThe old record for carp with people fishing with Tightlines-Portugal was a great 41lb common by Dave - today Tom, a regular, has just broke this record with a new pb and new lake record mirror carp of 41lb 8oz.

The water has been a regular venue for this Autumn, Tom moved into the swim vacated by Terry on his last trip - so thanks to Terry for baiting up the swim for us. Using a baitboat Tom put down a bed of hemp and fished monster crab boilies over it. Tom had just a few blips on his alarms during the morning, so tried a slightly different rig and almost immediately had a good run from an obviously good fish.

The fight was stressful as we were sure he was connected to a really big fish and sure enough it turned out to be a new lake record - he had no real problem playing this fish,  so whatever there is in this water that has broken many people up on heavier gear we have no idea. But watch this space, we will find the answer, perhaps set a new record in the bargain!

John Bate

PS:-well done Tom and next target is a 20lb barbel!

If you fancy an escorted day trip or longer holiday here in the Algarve, fishing for quality big carp, why not contact us and find out more? You can make a booking or get more details by contacting us here or looking at the dedicated sections, escorted-holidays and carp-day-trips for more details

daytrip-fishing in the Algarve with Tightlines-PortugalOctober is a busy month here in Portugal for carp fishing most years and this one is going to be no different, despite the financial crisis that is affecting most of the world, our services are in more demand this year and for next season already.

Recent run of anglers booking 1 or 2 day trips has led to some fabulous fishing for carp on a couple of our local venues.

The latest saw Alan from Lancashire, who sent me a letter asking for some good pleasure fishing, he is a match angler, so is not into waiting all day for one fish even if its a big one. I took him to our nearest pleasure fishing water for 2 trips.

Day 1:  he had around 20 carp on the feeder - we feed the swim on leaving after 1st day with 7 kgs of particle feed.

Day 2:  Alan has fish after fish, non stop action all day, I set up and tried to tempt some bigger fish and had some bigger carp and 2 nice barbel.

During the day Nick from Australia joined us for this 2nd day. He is a very experienced fly angler and was keen to try the carp and bass on the fly. Despite putting the fly to some nice carp he was not successful with carp, he nearly had one but a cheeky bass rushed in and took the fly before the carp could, he did go onto catch a several bass on the fly.

Overall a very successful couple of days and with more similar booking over the coming weeks, things are right on form, typical Autumn Portugal carp fishing - hot.

John Bate

If you are on holiday in the Algarve and fancy a guided day trip fishing either for big carp or for a leisurely day catching loads of fish, then why not get in touch and book a day or two with us? You can book or enquire using our enquiry page here.

nice carp from the lake in portugalI have just returned from 6 day fishing trip with clients from Israel.  They tell me that living in israel there is no freshwater fishing and that this trip this was a real change for them. After exchanging many e mails and talks on the phone i put this tailor made trip together just for them. They were not interested in camping  hoping for a few big fish, they requested action with lots of fish and as much variety as possible with good accommodation and good food.

Day 1: We stopped off for a few hours on the way from the airport to their accommodation, at secret spot on my favorite river and  here I showed Ivan and Michael how to fish this swim (they are very much beginners). Using float tackle they had lots of barbel out from under a bush on the float and a few from mid river on method feeder. They had never caught barbel before and not seen a method feeder so everything was new to them. We finished early so I could show them the lake we would be fishing and we could go and feed main fishing area for the week. This a large big dam - we put 20 litres of prepared particle feed in and 5 kgs boilies, then headed off to book into the hotel and took them to my favorite restaurant, where they had a nice meal at a price with drinks they could not believe!

Day 2: The main fishery is a dam which is only 15 minute drive from hotel, so we can have breakfast at 7am and be fishing for 8 am.  Collected ice from petrol station to keep the beer and water cold, (very important with summer trips). Spent 2 hrs showing the lads what was for them, totally new types of fishing gear and carp rigs. We started fishing around 10am rigged the lads up with sliding floats and method feeders whilst I set up the carp rods. No runs on the carp rods on this day, but the lads had some good fun catching carp to 8lbs on the float. I tell everyone that the 1st day is normally slow, we need to feed. Put in another 20 liters particles and more boilies (we did this every day) just before leaving.

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28lb-carp-july-2011 on Tightlines tripContinuing to get out myself and with customers, and still exploring the fishing in the south of Portugal for both good pleasure fishing and in search of big carp and barbel.

The best carp water is getting harder, but fish are getting bigger with an average size of 25lbs, with a potential  new Portuguese record lost a few times. Some have started to up-rate their gear to 4lb test and 35lb braid in effort to reduce potential losses and bank this fish. The attached picture was fish from last Sunday (31st Aug) at 28lb 7oz, which was followed on Monday with 23lb fish for local anglerC hris from Lagos on the Algarve.

We have been out exploring my favorite river looking for the big barbel that inhabit it and we were pleased to be joined by experienced London specimen hunter who has fished with Bob James and Trevor West. Keep an eye on the Tightlines site for more updates as we have a lot more trips booked this year into October.

A special note to avoid disappointment, please if you plan to come out and find your own fishing (which can be very difficult) DO GET A FISHING PERMIT BEFORE FISHING, a visiting holidaying angler last week was fined 200 euro's and had all of his gear confiscated when he was caught fishing without one! So be warned!

For more guidance on permits take a look at our DIY info page.


As a provider of both coarse and sea fishing trips and holidays in the Algarve, here in Southern Portugal, its always been my goal to provide access to some quality fishing experiences for my customers.

It may just be a days coarse fishing for a party of one or more anglers whilst out here on a family holiday, a dedicated 3 or 7 day fishing break for one or more anglers, either coarse fishing, specimen carp fishing or for shark or marlin in the warm waters of the Algarve coast. Either way its going to be important that they all get a quality experience and the venues and locations I take them provide the expected results, plenty of fish. In many cases their expectations are exceeded, both in terms of catches and in locations of the fisheries, many being remote, exclusive and with very beautiful scenery.


To meet these expectations, both for my own satisfaction and the satisfaction of my customers I strive to find and open up opportunities each season to fish new venues. This year has been no different, I have already brought new venues to the list and continue between commitments to seek out more, so that I can always have a water available to meet the customers need and expectations in most situations.

I have been working hard to track down the comizo barbel that we have in the Algarve, whose weights can exceed 40lb, and have located a stretch of river where these have been caught by local anglers to 20lb in the recent past and have seen their pictures to support the reports. Having located this stretch I have been busy creating access and will be fishing this over the coming weeks and months. Early trips have provided good bags of comizo's to 9lb and river carp to 18lb, both excellent sport whilst seeking out the big barbel.

I'll be fishing this venue on my own and with customers over the Summer and I'll report on what develops as it happens. The pics above are a recent trip with a customer who had a mixed bag of carp and barbel in excess of 50lbs in a short day trip.

If you fancy a day trip whilst on holiday here in the Algarve or want a dedicated 3 or 7 day sea fishing or carp fishing holiday, check out our trips here.

Look forward to taking you fishing sometime soon.


A new venue and some excellent fishing close to the hotelGiven that 2010 has been a mixed bag for many holiday businesses due to the financial crisis affecting the whole worldwide economy, we have fared reasonably well with some of our regular guests continuing to come out for a break. Some making shorter trips than in the past, but they came all the same and we have been grateful for the their continued patronage.

Never one to sit back and sulk, I chose to use the additional free time to continue my quest for good fishing here in the Algarve and between business commitments managed to seek out and find some new venues for the 2011 season, river fishing for Comizo barbel and large mullet and carp fishing that is full of good carp and close to the base hotel.

The smile on my face probably says a lot about how I feel about this new pleasure fishing venue! The mixed fishing on this dam near our accommodation is very good with big bags and good numbers of doubles mixed in, we watched a fish estimated at 30lbs feeding one day, so we expect big fish next year.

Not just carp fishing venues, but also river fishing venues that will give guests a variety of options during their trips.

The focus has also been on getting new good quality base accommodation that is close to the new venues and again we have come up with some that will provide short distances between hotel and fishery, ensuring that fishing time is optimised. One is just a few minutes from the hotel.

You can find out more about this by looking at the Escorted fishing page.

All the regular venues and packages continue to be offered at their existing rates and we look to offer new and old visitor's some great fishing in great locations across the Algarve in 2011


A nice barbel from a new river venue!Just back from a very enjoyable trip, guiding a customer over for a weeks fishing here in the Algarve. He was delighted with his trip and I have to say I was delighted too as it provided a new venue for the future!.

A regular visitor who is interested in all forms of angling, so during this trip we ventured on to a new river venue to search for a few barbel, and were not disappointed taking some very nice fish, with a bonus 8lb mullet!

The venue will receive a little more attention over the coming months as i seek out the bigger barbel we have here in Portugal, them 'comizo' which run to over 20 kilo in weight.

The barbel on this river go to 20lbs, our other river has even bigger barbel best I have records of was 37lbs taken on a live bait ( stone loach). This year an English angler took a fish of 22lbs.

If you are interested in coming out to Portugal and fishing for our native barbel get in touch and find out more about the fishing and the accommodation we have on offer here in the Algarve.

Kevin with his first 30lb fish on this Tightlines-Portugal carp tripJust back from one of my most enjoyable trips, guiding a customer over for a weeks carp fishing here in the Algarve. To say he was delighted with his trip might be a bit of an understatement, to say I was delighted would not do my feelings justice either!.

Weather turned a little inclement for a couple of days, but it didn't stop the fast growing Portuguese carp from feeding hard on most days. Lost count of the amount of action, but my customer, Kevin summarise's the fishing in his email he sent me on his return to the UK. You can read this below:

"Hi John this is Kevin, many thanks for last weeks fishing trip, it was great and I will be back same time next year with 2 of my mates. As you know I did not have a great experience last year in Spain, fishing with 3 mates only 6 rods for 4 anglers, no feed of any kind, it was really just a taxi service not guiding, so I was VERY relieved to see all your gear in the big transit and gobsmacked when you had to pick up 40kgs boilies from the front seat to make room for me.

On arriving at the water is was a big boost to my confidence that 2 of your experienced (fishing next year in the world carp classic) mates were there fishing, obviously they would not be wasting their time on a poor water.

Just to let any other anglers now what kind of guide you are I would like to mention that you gave me all the runs on my rods and yours until I had a new pb at 26lbs I then increased this to 30lb 8oz then again to 31lb 8oz. I kept a record of all the fish of the week and the average size was a very respectable 21lbs+.

The gear i used from the Force 8 bivvy to your 4 carp rods with Shimano bait runners was good and what about the food you supplied from the back of the van using your full cooker - proper meals like mum used to cook. Hope you or your mates break the Portuguese carp record, its in this water - regards to Ian, Chris and Nigel who turned up over the week."


With the current winter rates available on the Budget Airlines, now is the time to come on out to Portugal, fares as low as £15.00 each way available on one or two, there are odd flights at no cost, but other charges may make a difference. Its cheaper to fly out here than drive to some of the UK venues, and blank. Here at the moment the fishing looks set to follow last years trend and we may see some huge fish in equally huge numbers.

If you fancy a carp fishing trip this winter with a chance of some super fishing, get in touch using the site Contact page, look forward to talking to you about what's on offer.


One of 9 twenty pound plus fish on this customer tripGreat trip this past week in the Algarve, beginning of October 2009 with a customer, 9 fish over 20lbs best 28lbs backed up by lots of fish around 16lbs, some early pics of some of these fish below..

Full report to follow. Other angler on lake doing 36hr carp fishing trip had fish to 29.5lbs whilst we were there, had reports from other experienced anglers who had been on recently, losing some monsters that ran them all over the lake before breaking them. Looking forward to putting abait in their path in the coming weeks.

Let you know how we get on, so keep an eye on the site, try using the RSS Feed Get Tightlines news feeds on your desktop! to get any updates on your desktop!



A good bag of Guadiana comizo barbel and carp for Keith on a Tightlines trip!The angler fishing with me on this trip, for the 5th year is Keith Russell, who incidentally used to fish in the same team as the late great Ivan Marks.

Keith comes to fish the river Guadiana, which is the biggest river in the south of Portugal and is home for 5 types of barbel including the giant comizo that can grow to over 40lbs!

Additionally it produces wild carp that go to 20lbs and fight like tigers along with shad, sturgeon, mullet and small catfish - In the gallery here here you can see the river just north of the Algarve and what you can catch in a typical short session.

If you fancy some really exciting fishing and the chance of a huge Comizo barbel, come out and have a trip with me at Tightlines.


John with a nice upper double figure carp taken from one of the waters on the weeks tripTerry joined me for his 4th carp hunt in Portugal, in-fact he likes it so well that this year he is coming out again for a 2nd weeks fishing.

Terry is a good short session angler not into night fishing, he likes a good meal at night and to see a few bars and likes to move around looking at new waters, so we normally concentrate on one main target water and fish 2 or 3 other waters on short sessions. Last week we had 11 carp from our target water with 2 over 20lbs, but lost 3 very good fish, we had many big fish close to us on the surface cruising around but could not catch them, a real challenge for you if you fancy it.

On the other waters we had many smaller fish and some barbel from the river.

If you like great weather, food and drinks at incredibly low prices and a variety of fishing venues where you do not know if your next run will produce a modest carp of 17lbs or one of our 40s or even a giant elusive comizo barbel that go to +40lbs, then the Algarve is the place to give a try!


John with the 25lb fish from this Tightlines-Portugal tripEvery year I try to get away for a week on my own exploring, looking for new places to take my fishing clients - this is a report of this years search. 1st stop was a water that I looked at 15 years ago, but did not have time to fish.

Have reports of some nice common carp coming out with pictures on u tube. Spent 40 hours on the water, but no good fish just lots of small wild carp, good pleasure fishing, but not what I was looking for, so I moved onto the next place on my list, stopping of on the way for a great meal at a local restaurant for only 10 pounds.

This next spot is on a river where I put 2 clients last year, one reported being smashed up on 15lb line and a carp rod and that should have warned me what to expect. 1st session late afternoon and I landed 5 barbel to 6lbs, but was smashed 2 times on 12lb line-next morning fished double chick peas on 25lb line, hooked a big fish which kited across the river and cut me off on a big rock! Barbel over 20lbs have come from this river, so I have to get my thinking cap on for my next visit - need some very abrasion resistant line to start with - no sign of any other people ever fishing this lovely spot.

I then went to look at a place that I had been told about that has big carp to 40lbs. but found that the farmer had fenced the area off, this was a bummer as I had planed to spend a week there, so plan B was needed, I always have a plan B and normally a plan C as well, as we do not always know what we are going to find. So for the last week I moved onto a water we have had some nice fish from over the last year, this would be my 1st proper session on the water.

On arrival found 3 local English lads in the best 2 swims they were going the next day so I just fished another swim. I had one run which I missed then moved into my favorite swim. These other lads had all had fish over 20 lbs in there 2 day trip. 1st day was quiet I had one fish at 23lbs from under my rod tip that I had seen feeding.  After this I had 4 or 5 fish most days, smallest around 10lbs most around 18lbs, best just over 25lbs. Over this next week 2 other English lads turned up for short sessions they both had nice fish, best 28lbs and lost a big one that cut him off and he was on 45 lb lead core rig. Fish to 43lbs have come out, with sightings of what they call the big one which has never been landed, so there are a few target fish to be fished for over the coming weeks and months.

I'll keep you all posted on progress!


You can see some of the fish from this weeks fishing in the Big Carp Gallery, follow this link to view them!

New season in Portugal and Tightlines-Portugal are into quality carp from the off!As the new coarse fishing season gets underway in Portugal, the Tightlines-Portugal team get off to a cracking start.

Exploring new areas on some of the new waters we have been investigating over the last couple of seasons is already bringing some quality fish to the net. Not just single fish, but good multiple fish catches of upper double figure carp and twenty pound fish, topped by one breaking 30lb.

Pic here is of one cracking mirror of 27lb to me from a very under fished water, which is now looking good to provide fish that may make 50lb. If our hopes are fulfilled and we or our clients can catch them we will report them here. So keep an eye on the News pages.

The next few weeks will see us out surveying and exploring one or two new waters that have similar potential to provide Tightlines-Portugal clients with some memorable carp fishing here in the Algarve, keep an eye on what news we bring back.


A brace of twenties, 28 and 22lb for TightlinesIts hard to believe that the fishing in the Algarve can be so good, the past few weeks have been a real revelation in what we have been catching on some of the new waters we have researched this year.

It started back in the Autumn with a couple of upper twenties from these new waters for me and for my customers on a couple of my new waters.

 It has continued into Christmas with the Christmas day 30lb fish for Rob, my grandson, he has continued to catch along with customers taken to these lakes, capped this week with a brace of 20lb fish, mirrors of 28lb and 22lbs being hooked, played and landed simultaneously. Wow what a catch and there seems to be no stopping the roll Tightlines are on.

25lb mirror carp for Rob on a Tightlines New Year tripThe big fish just keep on coming to Tightlines-Portugal anglers with a catch made up of carp to 25lb and 22lbs on New Years trip.

On New Years Eve my mate Keith Russell phones me up asking if I could join him and a top Portuguese match angler fishing on a secret private water that the top anglers from the national team are using to practice on, I did not need much arm twisting to agree. Keith was at the top end of English match fishing years ago, fishing in the same team as the late great Ivan Marks and keeps in contact with Portuguese match anglers.

We arrived at 9am to find a very nice water of around 30-acres surrounded by a vineyard, fish topping all over the place so I knew from my past experiences of fishing Portuguese bag up waters that this looked good. Keith set up his normal pole gear fishing maggot, I set up match rod and fished the waggler as I had been told that there were bigger fish in the water as well as the normal 3lb match fish. After around 1 hour I started to get indications of fish in the swim and started to pick up the odd fish on sweetcorn, not big fish, but great fighters more like barbel, Keith had started catching on the pole.

At 2pm my grandson phoned me up excited he had been back to fish a water with his mate where we had a 30lb fish Christmas Day , he had just landed a 25lb fish, great. 5 minutes later Rob phones me again this time his mate had a fish of 22lbs, what a great start to the year. I ended the session with 9 fish and missed a few bites and had one double role over under my rod, so this looks like a good place for the summer, our Portuguese friend said you need around 100lbs in a 3 hour match to get in the frame. Not bad for a 5 euro day ticket.


Rob's 30lb Christmas Day mirror carpI first  fished this water in 1995 blanked and did not return till this year. That was a BIG mistake as the water was not stocked till 1986 and it seems that the fish are growing at +2lbs a year. It is very clear from our few trips that this water has the potential for 50lb fish and possibly a new Portuguese record IN THE NEXT FEW YEARS so my grandson Rob, 15 years old, has been nagging me to fish it. He had a day there a few weeks ago and his mate had a
fish of 28lbs.

We arrived afternoon on the 24th Dec and set up camp. On Christmas day at 10.30am Rob's alarm screamed out and battle commenced with what proved to be a new pb for Rob at 30lbs This fish was taken on bog standard gear with simple rig - method feeder and sweet-corn on the hook. I had 3 fish to 12lbs as well.

Next day was much slower, so Rob moved around to the other side of the water where we had seen some fish topping and had a fish of 15lbs very quickly and lost two big fish on snags, I had fish of 16lbs and 22lbs same day.

Not a bad result for a few days in winter!

The winter carp fishing here in the Algarve in Portugal can be excellent - this result just goes to prove the point!

Fancy a trip to shed those Winter blues? Get in touch and find out more about a trip out here with Tightlines yourself!

John Bate

Ian and the lads went home happy anglersMany thanks for a great holiday John!

Our group was very happy with both the fishing and the great price of food and drinks at night.

We normally go to Ireland most years but after taking several thousand carp and barbel, fishing with you last week, you can be sure that we will be back to see you again next year.

Thank-you once more for all your effort and for the vast amount of feed and bait you included as part of our package.

The accommodation was good and your breakfast that you made to start off the day with was fantastic, the local restaurants even gave us a going away present! A bottle of Port wine (each).

Ian Barnet and the lads

90 carp to 6lbs on fake corn by 2.00pm, phew!I have a holiday home on the Algarve and visit for several months each year. I love to fish and my mates come out on holidays with me fish to.

Until I started fishing with John from Tightlines I found the fishing poor, even when fishing with local anglers.

The quality of my fishing improved dramatically on starting to fish with John, nothing is to much bother for him from getting up at 4 am to taking my mates all night fishing for sharks. He knows the waters in detail much better than any other angler in Portugal when he guarantees fish you can expect a great day out. On my last trip he said I would catch 40 fish, not big ones but good fun on his match rod I estimated that I had 90 fish to around 6lbs on plastic sweetcorn by 2pm.

Just to give you an idea what John is like, I will relate one of our trips last year.

We were fishing yet another new water with John when my mate Rob had a run on his big carp rod, he hit the run, rod bent double and his line broke, 15lb line, he had forgotten what John is always reminding us to do, that is to check our reel drags! Anyway 10 minutes later John hooks a nice fish on his match rod using 5lb line, says to me that it feels like a good fish after it takes 100 yards of line off, then he gives me his rod. After a 15 minute fight John slips his big net under a very nice carp for me and I have great pleasure in giving Rob his hook and rig back (yes, this was the fish rob lost, just 2 oz under the 20lb).

On other days we have been barbel fishing and have seen big barbel under our rod s that looked over 10lbs ,but so far our best is just over 7lbs, up to 12 barbel per day. I have had carp as well with the barbel and mullet that fight best of all. I recommend John to you for any kind of fishing from sharks to carp and black bass.

Many thanks for a great holiday John!

Alan Dunn

Host John Bate with a typical carpThis page has been introduced to the updated web site and will be used to provide reports on the fishing in Portugal and specifically on the trips made with customers and visitors using the holiday and escorted fishing services of Tightlines-Portugal and John Bate. So keep an eye on it over the coming weeks and months.

Tightlines has an RSS feed for these pagesIt also has an RSS feed you can load into your web browser and keep up to date with any breaking news or reports. (The little blue or orange symbol on the rh side of the address bar)

John Bate

The following are new visitor testimonial for some of our visitors making new or return visits to Portugal using the services provided by Tightlines-Portugal.

The fishing in Portugal is so fantastic!    

Roy and the Wigan gang going home happy anglers!This is the second year we have fished with John and he looks after us so well that we will be fishing with him every year from now on.

Ireland is finished for us, the fishing in Portugal is so fantastic, with thousands of hard fighting carp in perfect condition (from the dams), good barbel fishing on the river and accommodation and food is very good, the Portuguese people are very friendly too.

What really impressed us that for a week we only saw two other anglers and they just passed us by whilst they were spinning for bass. We had miles of water to ourselves and not knowing either the next bite would be from a 1lb carp or from one of over 20lb.

Roy and the gang from Wigan

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